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Guide To The Serena & Lily Sale + My Favorites!



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This post is sponsored by Serena & Lily.

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It’s Black Friday season! I know we can have a love/hate relationship with this time of the year, but it really is a good time to invest in bigger pieces for your home and stock up on those smaller items that we can utilize all throughout our home.

Serena & Lily is one of my favorite places to shop for classic and beautiful accent pieces. They are my trusted source for baskets, pillows, stools, linens… all the items that can elevate a space from good to great.

mirror / stool / basket / throw / towels

This year, Serena & Lily is having the biggest sale I’ve ever seen! 25% off EVERYTHING! The best part of the sale is that it runs through December 3rd so you don’t run the chance of missing it if you don’t have time on Black Friday.

Here are my top picks from the sale. Most of which I own!!

1. Seagrass Baskets // These are the ultimate basket and the reason they are number one on my list. They look good everywhere and the 3 sizes give you many options for uses. They are hands down the sturdiest basket I own. The medium is deceiving large and can fit a ton of blankets or pillow… or toys!

2. Capiz Honeycomb Chandelier // What is not to love about this gorgeous chandelier. I had a chance to see this in person at the Chicago S&L store and it only confirmed that I had to have it in our new great room. It comes in 2 sizes and is the ultimate tasteful statement piece.

3. Sutter Linen Quilt // Layering pieces for the perfect bed can be underrated. This quilt has a subtle elegant texture and will make any bed hotel quality.

4. Cooper Leather Stool // I love stools. This stool is definitely on the investment side of stools but is so versatile I see it being used everywhere from the entry to fireside extra seating.

5. Beachside Serving Boards // Every hostess needs a large serving board. I love the strap detail and can’t decide if I like the oar or round shape more… but both would be an excellent addition to any party.

6. Tall Franklin Bed // Here’s where we talk about investment pieces. I had ordered 12 fabric swatches in anticipation of this sale (swatches are free!). I’ve been eyeing this bed and can’t seem to get it out of my head. Serena & Lily is known for their quality and if you are going to splurge, I feel something you spend 1/3 of your days on should be one of those items. I’m leaning towards the chalk in the Perennials fabric because it’s neutral and won’t fade or stain. I envision having this bed for a really long time.

7. Newport Lounger // We have 2 of these loungers in our basement playroom. Kids and adults alike fight over them. They are an elegant bean bag that can fit into any decor.

8. La Jolla Baskets // I have these in every size! I use them for everything from laundry bins to toy storage and I always add one to my collection whenever there is a sale!

9. Teak Step Stool // This might be the most requested sourcing item on my IG! Whenever I show this stool, you guys want to know where it’s from. It is a tad shorter than most stools which makes it perfect. Looks good everywhere!

10. Teak Ladder Mirror // This is one of my newest additions. I shared this in my guest room recently. I can’t easily hang a mirror in this room due to the wall treatment so a leaning mirror is perfect. The quality is amazing and looks more modern in person.

11. Bedford Tray // I’m snagging one of these during the sale. It is oversized and will pull together a tabletop with ease. They also have a round version!

12. Palm Wallpaper // Serena & Lily has the BEST wallpaper. With the sale, most of their wallpaper is just a little over $1/sq ft. This palm print is the perfect neutral and I’ve seen it used so many times. I’m currently trying to find a place to use it in my own home!

13. South Seas Bar Cart // This is another addition I’ll be adding with the sale. Bar carts don’t have to be just for bars! I see myself using this in many areas for many purposes!

14. Tucker Chair // A classic. There are a lot of versions of this chair, but S&L does this so well. The barstools and the dining chairs will never go out of style.

15. Dip-Dyed Stools // I have the larger version of this and it is one of my favorite pieces. We use it a lot in the kid’s bathroom to prop PJ/s or towels on during bathtime. They come in a few colors… I promise you will love this stool!

stool / basket

I hope this roundup helped you find something from Serena & Lily that you love and that you get to take advantage of this amazing sale! Stay tuned tomorrow for a full Black Friday sale post!

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