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DIY Half Circle Wall Art

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Art has the potential to entirely transform a room. Art is also personal, tough for the average person to commit to… and can be very intimidating. I’m excited to share with you a super fun way to add some character to a room with just a sheet of plywood!

hanging wood art on walls
Pillow / Bed / Nightstand / Sconces / Faux plant / Rug

When designing our recent Dream Team master bedroom makeover, art was something I knew I wanted to go bold with. Most of the time, you think about photographs or paintings when you think about art… but art can come in all forms, textures, and materials.

Anytime I’ve worked with a wall treatment like the board and batten, I usually end up with constraints on sizes and scale of artwork that can be used. DIY art can work perfectly in these situations because you can create the exact size you need!

Every room needs a few wood elements for warmth. Every room. I remember seeing this beautiful wall in the LeClair Decor showroom and started visualizing how it would love above a rich dark board and batten wall… winner!

wood wall art in half circle shapes

This project was so simple to create and the impact was nothing short of amazing. All you need is a few simple tools and some 1/2″ plywood.

The first thing we decided on was scale. My motto is “when in doubt, tape it out!” We moved the headboard in place to get a visual of the wall and taped out different sizing we thought might work. Spoiler alert: I was completely set on just 2 rows before taping it out. I promise it helps!

After getting an idea of what sizing would work, I sifted through objects in the house to find something that would give me an exact 12″ diameter. This frying pan was the big winner and came in at 11.75″. Done! You could also use a pencil with a string attached to it but I think finding something to trace is just a little easier.

Unless you have a scroll saw (not common!), a jigsaw will be the best tool to cut out full circles. I bought a fine-tooth blade and used this jigsaw to cut out 6 full circles.

I tried to keep circles close to the edges so that there would be less cutting and less waste! I was able to get (5) 12″ circles out of a 1/4 sheet of plywood.

Use a jigsaw with a fine-tooth blade to cut out circles from 1/2″ plywood.

The trickiest part of this was trying to find something to clamp the wood to so that I could go around the entire circle. I noticed the first one took a little time but the next 5 went really quick!

1 down, 5 to go!

Once all the circles were cut, I used a chop saw to cut them in half. You could also use a circular saw or a jigsaw. 6 circles gave me 12 pieces of art to work with to create the perfect design!

From here, it’s a personal preference on how to finish them. I chose a simple weathered oak stain but you could also go bold with a dark stain or even paint them!

Laying out pieces on floor to come up with a design

I took the final pieces and laid them out until I had a design that I though would be perfect on the wall. This helps to avoid having to re-position them once they are on the wall.

We thought about a few hanging methods, but in the end, command strips won out. This was honestly the most simple non-permanent way to attach these to the wall and only cost a few dollars.

Here’s a before and after of the room just for fun!

And AFTER! The same view…. 2 days later.

Decor Offerings at Lowe’s!

I was truly shocked at how many fun pieces of decor items that Lowe’s carries online. Everything you see here is from Lowe’s and I have a list of sources below in case you want to recreate this look in your bedroom!

Upholstered Bed
Snake Plant
Faux plant

You can head to this planning post to get the full source list for our original mood board below!

Make sure and head over to Frills & Drills to see how we hacked these nightstands and Angela Rose for a full tutorial on the board and batten!

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