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Mood Board For Shared Girls Room- ORC Week 2



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One Room Challenge Week 2 is here!  If you didn’t catch my last post, I am participating in the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda over at Calling it Home*.  I decided to tackle the shared room for our girls, ages 2 and 6.  We moved the girls into this basement room that used to be my office about 6 months ago, right before our youngest son was born. I had been needing to put some finishing touches on this room so the challenge was just what I needed.  I am currently in Cleveland with the kids visiting in-laws and am only halfway through this 10 day trip.  Although I have not been physically working on the girls room, I have been busy!  Being away from the distractions of home has given me ample time to peruse Pinterest and find the perfect pieces of inspiration to finalize my vision to create the perfect girls space.

Here is a little eye candy that has helped me with visualizing where I wanted to go.



I wanted feminine, yet fun. I also wanted colorful, but I’ve accepted that my love for neutrals will never let me go too far down color lane. I’m forever drawn to black and white, and I needed this room to still feel like it is part of our home.  Something that has always helped me when starting to decorate a room is to pick one item as a jumping off point.  For me, it was this wallpaper from Shop B Darling.

I am working with them as a Brand Rep and I absolutely fell in love with this pink floral print.  After throwing it on a mood board and making sure some black and white accents would jive – I dove into the design using this as the starting point. I also love that it is peel and stick and I can easily remove it in the future if we re-purpose this room.  This really helps with my non-committal instincts!

We have just finished (okay still finishing) a fairly large project converting our basement 1/2 bath into a full bath and I knew if I took this on right now, I would need to work with a fairly conservative budget. I am keeping quite a few things in this room including:

  • IKEA twin beds ($60 each that I painted white 2 years ago)
  • IKEA dresser – I’m still debating if I want to give this a makeover, but I do not have the budget to buy a new dresser
  • I have rose gold mirror that is already hanging in their room so I’m on the hunt for a few more rose gold accessories.
  • Pillows: I have some new magenta and blush pillows that I bought on my most recent IKEA trip and want to incorporate those in.

I was able to hunt down this rug from one of my inspiration pictures and was relieved to discover it was on the affordable side at less than $200.  The other large purchase that I pulled the trigger on is this blush chair from Target that I’ve been eyeing for a while now. I decided that both of these pieces are versatile enough that I could move them around the house in the future.  I am a big fan of buying things that I’m not stuck using in only one place or room – both of these fit the bill!

I mentioned in Week 1 that I had a head start with this room.  The room has brand new wall to wall carpet and new board and battan that I installed right before we moved the girls down to this room.  I also painted the entire room Horizon by Benjamin Moore… which is the lightest shade of a neutral grey.  This room was painted a warm shade of white but without the natural light from any windows, I felt that the white was just too white.  I do not anticipate changing the wall color… but I am going to wait until I get the wallpaper up to make that final call.

As a reminder, here is where we are at right now:

I knew that I would not be able to take on a project that required an extensive amount of DIY projects, but I do have a few that I am predicting will go down in Week 3-4.  I plan to make a cushion for the white storage unit that sits on the floor, possibly in a blush gingham fabric. I also would like to revamp an old doll house that I remembered is sitting in storage. I don’t have a picture of it as I type this up – but details on that next week!

Here is the mood board that I’m working with. I still have to land on some final accessories but that’s the fun part!

Overall, I am happy about where the plan is for this room, and feel like the 5 weeks I have left is realistic to get it all done!  I am excited to get working on this next week and plan to spend the rest of this weekend finalizing all of the ordering so I’m ready to go when we land back in Green Bay.

Don’t forget to check out all the other Week 2 progress from the other ORC participants using this link.





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  1. chic and pretty at the same time! Love the sophistication with classic black & white mixing in with whimsical painting like florals for the girls! looking forward to week 3

    • Jennifer says:

      I missed this! And week 3… but made it to week 7! Thank you – the girls love how it turned out!

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