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Storage!  It’s what OCD dreams are made of. Putting this list together was so hard guys.  The Container store has so many beautiful (and affordable) baskets and bins that sitting down to look through all of them was so fun, but also a little overwhelming.

The best advice I can give is find your purpose first. Do you want storage for your closet? Do you want to hide the toys? Do you want to have matching bins for your laundry room?  I identified a few places in my house where I would like to up my storage game and then got out a measuring tape.  Bins and baskets come in so many different shapes that sometimes you can eliminate some right away that aren’t the right measurement for you.

So to repeat:

  1. Identify your storage needs (pick one or 2 areas to start to avoid overload.)
  2. Measure the space and decide how many storage pieces you need for that space.
  3. Scroll through options and see what attracts you first.
  4. Make eliminations and final decisions based on measurements and affordability.

Here’s my top choices, although this is not a complete list by any means. I tried to keep these to things I already own or am coveting for my own space. I also filtered through reviews and listed some ideas that will hopefully help spark some ideas to up your storage game!


  • 1 / WHITE NORDIC STORAGE BASKETS WITH HANDLES: I have these in my new office. They are the perfect size for paper, documents and small storage. They are white and wood and perfect!
  • 2 / WHITE ROUND JUTE STORAGE BOXES WITH LIDS: These are on the smaller side but I love that they have a lid and could be a perfect little catchall for an entryway, office desk or coffee table.
  • 3 / MINT OSKAR STORAGE BOX WITH LID: These come in all different colors, are $8 today and are the perfect “seasonal” storage container.  They aren’t super sturdy so I would say only lighter items.
  • 4 / UMBRA ROUND NAVY HEATHER CRUNCH CAN WITH BRAIDED HANDLES: I don’t own this but I’m buying 2!  I’m thinking toy storage as well as a laundry hamper. They have phenomenal reviews and crunch down when not in use… #spacesaver
  • 5 / WHITE STACKING WIRE BINS: For around $10, I’m grabbing 2 of these for bathroom storage.  It’s hard to find beautiful wire bins for this price tag so I’m excited to see how these work out.
  • 6 / CANVAS QUILTED BINS: These are so pretty, but also unique. I’m thinking extra towel and linen storage!
  • 7 / GREY HINZA SHOPPING TOTE: The reviews on these are also top notch. Car catch all or taking things up and down stairs seemed to be the top recommendations.
  • 8 / WHITE ROLLING PLASTIC STORAGE TOTES: I love these! My kids try to ride on them when we are in the store.  They are a little pricey but if TCS wanted to help me overhaul my basement storage, I would choose these modern storage totes.
  • 9 / LAGUNA COTTON BELLY BASKET: Cute catch all for blankets or toys. I love this color combo.
  • 10 / WHITE ELFA MESH START-A-STACK: I am using a version of this in my entryway closet to hold the kids gloves and hats.  Each kid will get their own drawer and I couldn’t be more excited about it!  These would be great in an extra closet, laundry room or anywhere you could use an extra set of moveable drawers.
  • 11 / MEDIUM SMART STORE TOTE & INSERTS: These look so smart. I’m ordering one to test out the kids arts & crafts storage.  I also think these would be great to put together a little everyday tool set.
  • 12 / MULTI-PURPOSE BINS: Buy these. You will use them everywhere.  I have used them to organize my pull-out freezer (game-changer), as well as storing coloring books or art supplies.
  • 13 / STEEL BLUE POPPIN BOX SEAT:  I don’t own any of these but they had GREAT reviews as a very affordable extra seat/storage solution and have tons of different color options.
  • 14 / WATER HYACINTH STORAGE BINS WITH HANDLES: This is another one of my must-haves. I use these in the laundry room, garage, and pantry.  I always grab an extra when I’m in the store and always find a use for it!
  • 15 / CLEAR WEATHERTIGHT TOTES: The perfect garage storage.  The weather seal is an extra bonus on these as well as having every size under the sun so you can really get specific with your coordinated storage!


Let me know if you have any other items or try any of these.  Also, come back tomorrow for my top Office organization picks!!

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