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I know Black Friday is over and to be honest, I’m glad the craziness is over.  However, I couldn’t help but want to share some great deals going on over at The Container Store this week. Each day this week, the store will have a different category on sale where everything is 20% off!

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you know that organization is a primary focus of mine. I’ve learned that if you don’t have a good organizational system in place, no amount of tidying will serve as a long-term solution.

First up, is the kitchen! The heart of the home. The room that gets the most love, the most traffic, and the most mess. If you are going to commit to getting one area of your home organized, the kitchen is a place to start!

Note: It pays to sign up to become a POP member.  It’s a free sign up and various rewards just show up in your account. I like to use my 25% off rewards (usually good for one item) on bigger items like my favorite behind the door organizers.

  • 1 – White Elfa Utility Mesh Pantry Door & Wall Rack Solution : I installed one of these in my pantry earlier this year and I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made. I used it for our most used daily items and now everyone in the family knows where they are and more importantly where they get returned. There are multiple configurations depending on what room you are using it for. I ordered one for my current entryway makeover and am excited about the organization it will create for such a high traffic area.
  • 2 / INTERDESIGN LINUS PANTRY BINZ: I have these ALL over my house. They are the perfect container to organize a pantry, fridge or bathroom.  I love that they are clear so I can still see inside but also pretty enough to have on display.
  • 3 / ARTISAN GLASS CANISTERS WITH OAK LIDS: I get asked by everyone who sees there where they are from.  I currently have my smoothie cabinet stocked with these but am also thinking the smaller one would be perfect to display small office items.
  • 4 / YAMAZAKI TOSCA BASKET WITH WOODEN HANDLES: This basket has always been one of my favorites. You could use these in your pantry for your dry goods or on the counter as a pretty clutter catch all. I particularly think they would be great in a laundry room.
  • 5 / OXO GOOD GRIPS 10-PIECE POP CANISTER SET: If you are serious about organizing your pantry, you know that these containers are where it’s at… but they are also expensive if you are trying to do your whole pantry.
  • 6 / OXO GOOD GRIPS 8-PIECE SMART SEAL RECTANGULAR GLASS FOOD STORAGE SET: Last year, I switched over to glass containers and donated or threw away all of my regular tupperware.  I bought 2 of these sets and now all of my tupperware matches and it also looks beautiful storing the leftovers in my fridge.
  • 7/ WHITE PLASTIC STORAGE BINS WITH HANDLES: If you buy anything, buy these containers.  Similar to the linus binz, but white and come in larger sizes, and a bit more affordable.  I store everything from pantry items, to coloring books, to tools.  I have the 10-pack in my cart right now to help a friend makeover her pantry as a xmas gift!
  • 8 / UTILITY BUCKET: Under the sink or in the laundry room, I’ve been on a hunt for a cute neutral bucket that doesn’t look like a utility bucket.
  • 9 / INTERDESIGN CLEAR LINUS DIVIDED LAZY SUSAN: I have these in my pantry and bathroom.  I divide up my hair and skin items in the compartments and it has made a huge difference when getting ready. In my pantry, I have kid snacks, applesauce pouches and bars… it makes it really easy for the kids to find the snack they are looking for.
  • 10 / PROKEEPER BAKER’S STORAGE SET OF 6: I am currently using just the regular OXO canisters but have been tempted to switch my bakery items to this set.
  • 11 / INTERDESIGN LINUS LARGE DRAWER ORGANIZER STARTER KIT: Containment is where it’s at… this is the perfect starting point to get your drawers in order.  I have these drawer dividers in almost all of my drawers.
  • 12 / IRIS EXPANDABLE UNDER SINK ORGANIZER: Tackling under the sink is actually something I haven’t done yet, but I’ve been eyeing this for a while and now I get to show you how I’m going to use it soon!


Come back tomorrow for my top picks for STORAGE organization essentials.  Remember, this sale is only for today, and tomorrow a new category (storage) will be on sale.

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