The Reveal Of My DIY IKEA Kitchen!

  1. Cindy says:

    Thx SO much for sharing.
    We have just started tearing out my old boxes as we are doing a total redesign of my kitchen as well (IKEA + custom doors as well). You’ve answered so many things in you post That were so helpful. But I am VERY curious about your thoughts now that you have been using them awhile… the Cafe appliances. Specifically the double oven and the fridge. I’m days away from pulling the trigger on both, but have some less expensive options in my que as well. Just curious if your happy w/their function as well as bang for you buck.

    • Jennifer says:

      I love both! I love the size of the oven but the function of having 2! The hot water feature on the fridge is one of my favorites… so glad I bought them both!

  2. Threya says:

    Really *so* beautiful! Great job! Can you please share the name of the sealer you used on your white concrete countertops and how it’s working for you so far? Thank you so much! 🙂