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Holidays With Hoover!

This post is in partnership with Hoover.

The Holiday season is in full swing! This means many different things but 2 things that we can all relate with are gift-giving and getting our house guest-ready!

We are 90% done with a full first-floor renovation and one of the biggest additions was 1,100 sq ft of engineered hardwood! Not only did I need a new system for cleaning my floors but I needed an efficient one! Between 4 young children and renovation messes, let’s just say cleaning our floors has become the center of our cleaning routine.

Hoover recently sent me some of their new HOOVER ONEPWR cordless products to try and I am impressed! Before going into what I love about each one, let’s talk about the genius interchangeable battery system! We’ve all had our experiences with cordless vacuums where we have one room to go and the battery dies! I love that this system allows batteries to be charged separately so that you can easily pop in a new battery and finish your cleaning routine without interruption.

The ONEPWR BLADE+ has quickly been adopted by my kids for its ease of use and incredible lightness. My 6 and 8-year-old have the chore of cleaning up after dinner each night and this vacuum has made it so easy for them to quickly clean up around the table and in the kitchen.

My favorite new tool is hands down the HOOVER ONEPWR FloorMate Jet. It is a vacuum and mop in one for hardwood floors! (It is also designed for tile, laminate, and vinyl.) The coolest feature besides how well it cleans my floors is the self-cleaning mode that gets rid of all the dirt and mess that inevitably get caught when you mop up a floor. This handy tool saves me time and energy… is there really anything else us we need more?

Gift giving is on everyone’s mind and I can’t think of a better gift for your homebody sister or that best friend that just bought their new house! I know we are all seeking those minimalist routines and giving the gift of efficiency speaks to this mama’s heart. There are 9 products total and the versatility to swap out batteries is on the top of my list for why any of these products would make the ultimate gift for yourself or a loved one!

Hoover has partnered with me to give away both a ONEPWR BLADE+ and a HOOVER ONEPWR FloorMate Jet this holiday season. The only thing you have to do is comment over on this Instagram Post and below in the comments on how or what you would clean with this new OOVER ONEPWR system! Contest ends this Thursday, Dec 12 at 8pm CST.

Happy Cleaning!!

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  1. Carmen says:

    I would totally use this to clean up after our two doggos! Feels like I can never keep up!

    • Terese says:

      with family for 2 years while he made the career switch to become a firefighter. I would love one of these to help keep these dingy rental hardwood floors clean! The vacuum/mop looks life changing and would seriously help as our family grows!

    • Kathy jones says:

      I’d finally replace my kitchen floor with hardwood if it’s really that easy to clean !!!!!!!! Looks like a dream come true !

  2. Abigail says:

    Would love one of these for my three messy pups! Love them, but the hair is out of CONTROL!

  3. Robyn says:

    Would be helpful cleaning up after 3 kids and 2 dogs!! ????

  4. RacHel elmhorst says:

    I have been wanting a stiCk vac forever!! And how slick is that mop system?? Pick me, please!

  5. Heather BaileY says:

    This would be life changing in our house of 3 dogs and 2 kids where keeping floors clean is a daily task!

  6. Jill says:

    I have 3 kids and a giant dog. The vac would be a lifesaver????

  7. Aimee says:

    I would clean up ater my 2 big, massive labradors and 3 busy pre-teen children! xoxo, Aimee

  8. Laci says:

    Cleaning dream come trUe! We are mid reno of our 1950’s rambler… always dust everywhere! ????????

  9. Cristie says:

    Yay! I have a dog and LOTS of carpet in my house that would love a new cleaning system!

  10. Brittney bennett says:

    We would use this to keep our NEW house sparkly clean to host our first christmas with the fam!

    • Jami Morton says:

      I have a two year old boy, a hairy cat, and 1930s hardwood floors. I’m never sure how to properly clean them. It would be a amazing to wine one of these vacuums!

  11. Amberley says:

    I would LOVE This!! We are Giving our kids a puppy this Christmas. We need this!! ????❤

    • Lauren watts says:

      I would use this to clean after my 1 and 3 year old, and let’s be honest my husband. My house is 100% stained concrete floors and gets sooo dirty. This would be amazing!

  12. Jill says:

    LoLoved your video with the kids cleaning up the mess on the floor! I w use mine to clean up after my toddler we have wood floors to!!

  13. Heather Munz says:

    I need these in my life! My 4 kids are expert mess makers.

  14. Mariellie says:

    I would use it to clean after my dog and messy husband! ????

  15. Terry says:

    Could use these so much…need to get this house spruced up for the holidays and we to will be starting to renovate in the new year!!

  16. Jamie Oden says:

    I would love this to clean up after two messy males and a dirty dog!

  17. Jess says:

    I’d love to keep my newly refinished floors looking great, and with two young children and a dog- I need all the help I can get.

  18. Sara says:

    We have two (about to be 3 dogs) and loads of hardwood floors. I literally cannot stop talking about the new Hoover since you first demoed it. It’s amazing!!

    • Katie Mateus says:

      Oh how exciting! I would love to use this to clean my home… from two pups and a baby arriving in May, I’m sure there are bound to be many messes to clean. Thank you so much for offering this – I am loving your blog ????

  19. Pamela says:

    This would be amazing for everyday life with a two year old and a puppy????

  20. Hannah says:

    Dogs and toddlers! It’s such a battle to stay on top of it!

  21. Herry says:

    This looks like all you need for a nice simple clean home! Love it!

  22. Autumn bell says:

    I would LOVE a new vacuum! We have 2 little ones and an open floor plan aka NO SPOT IN MY HOUSE REMAINS CLEAN/UNTOUCHED lol! ????????????????????????

  23. Melissa says:


  24. Loren says:

    Just watched the demos, would love to win either! My husband and I are expecting our first baby around Christmas and I want to keep the house so clean for the little guy!

  25. Danni says:

    I would absolutely love this for mine and my partners first home! Would be an absolute god send!

  26. Michelle says:

    Living in our reno with two kids and a golden retriever, out vacuum is just not cutting it! Would love to try a Hoover!!

  27. Angela Martinez says:

    2cattle dogs 2 horses 1teen 1messy husband and A Partridge in a pear tree! We need this!!!!

    • Dayana says:

      Hello Hoover and good riddance to my mop/broom/dustpan/vacuum/mini vacuum ! This would be the only thing I need to clean all my floors ! #Spacesaver #Timesaver

  28. Andi says:

    With these I would clean up after the hubby everywhere he goes

    • Allison says:

      Ahh, I just bought my first house! I would used these constantly to clean up after my sister I’ve taken in and pets! Would be a life saver! Swifter wet jet move outta the way.

  29. Alyssa says:

    Ahhhh, I’ve been dying to get a cordless vacuum so I can get a handle on having all wood floors…and actually keep them clean instead of just ignoring it and having dirty feet ????????‍♀️ Love hearing all about these on your insta stories—and I’d love to win one! 2020 goal is to get into better house keeping habits—so one of these would def help me with that!

  30. Nicole says:

    Dreaming of one as I notice muffin crumbs below me from my two year old.

  31. With four homeschooled kiddos under seven in our house, our floors NEVER get a break! I’d love to be able to keep them a little cleaner.

  32. Kaleigh says:

    I have a dog and 3 kiddos but… the husband! Oy vey!

  33. Carole says:

    Closing on a new home soon which is all hardwood. I definitely need these to simplify cleaning!!

  34. Mar Esyoceanos says:

    I would totally use it for cleaning the after Christmas dinner lunch. Everything’s gets spilled on my gorgeous wood floor ???? It’s amazing that it can absorb solids and liquids all together so well and fast ????

    Also it would be great to convinces my husband about a new hairy family member ????

  35. Merari says:

    Love it! I will use it to maintain my new floors ❤

  36. Tiffany says:

    This would be so handy! With a large family this would help so much!

  37. Stephanie says:

    Love this giveaway. With 4 kids and Wisconsin winter, we’d use this EVERY day!

  38. Michelle williams says:

    We just bought a new house. Need to keep it nice and clean!

  39. Jules says:

    After a busy day at the hospital, nothing is more stress-relieving than cleaning my home. I would use both of these products as a form of self-care!

  40. Megan says:

    This is so awesome! Thanks for the opportunity. Two kids are a strain on ye olde vacuum.

  41. Daiana says:

    Where have you been all my life?! With 2 kids and an “all is welcome” policy which includes dog sitting, team gatherings, girls night and craft centre, this would be put to great use. I think I’d give her her own seat at the table, THAT’S how much she means to me.

  42. Jamie Marabillas says:

    With a house full of hardwood floors and lots of failed attempts at keeping them clean without streaking, these would be perfect’

  43. Cynthia says:

    I love the demonstration that you and your kids did. I would love to use this in mu home. Thank you for sharing all of your tips.’

  44. Amber says:

    Hardwood floors + dogs + snow = messy floors all the time. I would love to be able to vacuum and mop at the same time. Without a cord, I would probably just vacuum while I am cooking.

  45. Lindsey F says:

    Love the removable battery so you can store it in a closet without a plug! Game changer. Would love the ease of cleaning without a cord.

  46. Kristi says:

    The ONEPWR FloorMate Jet blew my mind when you shared it in your stories ???? Definitely added it to my list to Santa this year! I would use it to cut out the step of vacuuming before I mop the floors!

  47. Emmy says:

    All I want for Christmas…is this!!

  48. Alexa says:

    I have 4 kids too and getting ready to renovate our little BURBANK home. I need all the help I’m this department!!

  49. Jamie says:

    I have two littles that drop more food on the ground than they get in their mouth! Cleaning under the table is never ending!

  50. Tabatha says:

    I’ve had Dyson for years and would love to try Hover, with a toddler and a dog it would come in handy!

  51. Danielle says:

    Those would be dreamy to use after reno dust settles!

  52. Mary says:

    Would help with all the baby food that inevitably ends up on the floor!

  53. Lynne says:

    with 7 kids, I’d be cleaning wherever they’ve just been!

  54. Emily James says:

    I would use to clean up after a messy toddler and even messier husband! ????

  55. Lydia Seno says:

    I’d love this for our dark hardwood. I swear it never looks clean!

  56. Melissa says:

    I Would love to win this! As a full time working mom & full time student this will make cleaning a lot better!

  57. Megan says:

    I’d love to gift this to my mom who works so hard on her feet everyday. It would make each a day a little easier. She always takes care of our pets when were away and is the kindest human you will ever meet!

  58. Dezra says:

    Faux hardwood tile throughout and a husband who flings everything when he cooks…I need this!

  59. Lesley says:

    Me and my husband were talking about getting the one power after seeing your post!!! With two kiddos two pets many projects of a old home and my husbands iron worker Job I’m constantly cleaning the floors!!!! This would be amazing!

  60. Brittany rodebush says:

    Moving to FL soon and this would be so handy on an all hard floor house!! So much time saving to go spend on the beach!

  61. Bethany says:

    I need a cordless vacuum soooo badly!!! I’ve got a mix of hardwood and rugs throughout and 3 small kids! That means, currently, every time I want to vacuum I have to take out the outlet protectors and vacuum, then return the darn outlet protector! My youngest has made it a life goal to electrocute herself, I swear! ????‍♀️

  62. Steph says:

    Dog hair is out of control over here???? these look like they would take care of business!

  63. Laura says:

    I would clean up my new hardwood floors I’m install soon!

  64. Amy says:

    I have two dogs, a 2.5 year old and a baby on the way. This would get used daily! The swiffer I currently use is great but this is ????

  65. Stormie says:

    I NEED this for my house! I have two toddlers who LOVE spilling and throwing food regularly. I vacuum daily. We would get so much use out of a Hoover.

  66. Justeen says:

    I can use these to clean up from my daughter husband and 2 pets! Or give them new toys to do it themselves ????

  67. Lacie says:

    This is such an awesome giveaway! I’d gift it to my mom! She’s had the same Hoover vacuum since the 90’s. She loves Hoover products and hasn’t upgraded it and I’d love to get her a new one!

  68. Ashley says:

    I would love the wet vacuum for cleaning up after my babies at meal time!!

  69. Jamie says:

    This is such a great giveaway! Either would be amazing with a toddler and a doggie! Merry Christmas

  70. Jennifer says:

    I just moved with my three dogs and two cats to a cute little two story cottage up against a meadow. I e been renovating for six months and my sweet life is filled with dust, dirt and fur, fur dust and dirt. I should be vacuuming every day but lugging my current vacuum up and down the stairs every day is a lot, so I don’t! ????????‍♀️ What a blessing it would be to have one upstairs so I could keep the whole place clean!

  71. Caitlin says:

    Oh my! I would love this for my new house! We’re closing on the 23rd and these would make our 60 year old hardwoods look amazing!

  72. Yana paln says:

    Would love to win this, to clean after my toddler 24/7!

  73. Amy says:

    Roommates + hardwood floors + lots of foot traffic and visitors = much needed Hoover help!!

  74. Patty B says:

    I would totally follow my little furballs around with this thing, they step in any and everything,

  75. Kaci says:

    I would use them to keep the floors cleaner for my one year old. She likes to immediately put and crumbs or specs on the ground in her mouth, and it would be great to have better tools to keep the space clean for her!

  76. Karina Romano says:

    My 4yo and 3yo are snack monsters and this new system would save me so much time cleaning up their messes. I’d be able to use that time to play with them instead ????

  77. Mary says:

    This will be my first Christmas as a newlywed, we are moving into a rent house less than a week before Christmas, I’d definitely use the Hoover for our new home ???????? Our fur baby, Jimmy, completes our family, but boy does he SHED! Not to mention potty training ????

  78. Autumn says:

    Um I have an 85 pound dog that is a shedding machine. Need I say more…

  79. Meghan H. says:

    With 5 kids, 2 dogs, no carpets and a husband that won’t remove his shoes indoors, I sure could use this to clean all the floors in my house!

  80. Carmen Aldrich says:

    Would help a lot at our home with twin boys and two cats, cleaning would be much easier!

  81. Kelsey Sconiers says:

    I love the thought of being able to sweep & mop my hardwood floors all in one go! And the cordless stick vacuum is super appealing for quick clean ups! Anything to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying my home is a win in my book!

  82. Two dogs, one cat, one mechanic boyfriend and all tile floors – this would be a real treat!

  83. Danielle says:

    We recently bought a house and got 2 puppies, all the dog hair is ridiculous so I would use this all over my house!!

  84. Jenny says:

    I’ve got a 14 month old who loves nothing more than to put EVERYTHING in his mouth ???? I swept 5 times the other day just to prevent him from eating crumbs off the floor from the previous meal. Would love to have a quick and efficient way to avoid this curious guy from finding all those “yummy” lookin pieces of food!

  85. Meagan Sanati says:

    Dark floors + dog + toddler + husband = Mama can’t keep up! All in one would be such a help!

  86. Sarah says:

    Love this cleaning system! I need all the help keeping up with the animal hair and dirt they track in my house.

  87. Natalie says:

    I love that these are cordless. I would for sure use these to keep my kitchen and living room floors clean.. the most used rooms in the house!

  88. Meagan Sanati says:

    Dark floors + dog + toddler + husband = Mama can’t keep up! All in one would be such a help!

  89. Sam says:

    As a working mom with 2 kids this will be a time saver

  90. Shaylee Hardman says:

    I have two toddlers so where wouldn’t I use it!?? I need all the help I can get

    • Danielle Hobson says:

      I would definitely use this to clean up the mess my cats have made of our Christmas tree. ❤️????❤️

  91. Jordan says:

    Oh man! These would sure come in handy while trying to keep up with my 18mth old, pets and husbands’ constant messes:)

  92. Kate Seminerio says:

    I would be using this all over our main floor living space! 3 kids. 3 animals. You know… always cleaning!

  93. Lauren Davis says:

    We live on the coast, so there’s always sand somewhere in the house! Our current vacuum just doesn’t cut it… ???? Oh goodness, we NEED this! ????

  94. Julie says:

    I’d love to clean all rugs and hardwood floors in our new home with these!!

  95. Emily says:

    My hardwood floors would love this! And I know my six kids would be over the moon about using it. For real – lightweight, straight-forward, effective; it would make the (many) clean-up jobs we have at out house quick and easy.

  96. Ivy Glass says:

    I need these so bad! I have a 3 story house and my huge heavy vacuum is so hard to carry up and down and do the stairs! And it’s snowy winter already and when the animals go outside they bring those wet paws in! Even if I try to dry them ???? I still see foot prints! And the swiffer wet jet doesn’t keep up

  97. Ashley badamo says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I would use this to clean up after my two kiddos, which is basically like owning wild monkeys… ???? We currently have a 8ish year old shark vacuum/steam mop combo and it’s not cleaning as well as it used to, but an upgrade isn’t in the budget.

  98. Erika Zavala says:

    I NEED both of these guys because I’m so tired of a traditional mop and broom, my hands hurt. I’m cleaning DAILY after my pup and these are not a want but a necessity. Thank you for the opportunity!

  99. Lynisha Weeda says:

    Homeschooling Mom to 4 kids here… it seems like there is way more mess since the kids are home all day! Our house is 90% laminate or hardwood, so either one of these woule be amazing to keep things clean!

  100. Audrey Park says:

    Would love this. With 2 under 2, and a dog there is always a mess to clean. Having a vacuum that also mops would be amazing and save so much time

  101. Season says:

    Our vacuum recently took a dump so this would make a great Christmas present.

  102. Jessica says:

    4 kids under 7.
    1 drooly, hairy English Bulldog.
    DIY projects. Hosting family.
    Busy, wonderful, Texas life.

  103. Laura Pollak says:

    Wow! The FloorMate Jet sounds like a miracle! My floor might actually stand a chance against this family of 5 plus two Labradors! ????????️????

  104. Abigail Garcia says:

    Ive been looking into the floormate! We are living through renovation messes with no end in sight.

  105. Sammie Davis says:

    I would use one of these to clean my floors of all the dirt and hair from our pets!

  106. Alex says:

    I have been looking for the perfect tools to clean up after my very messy pupper!!

  107. Rachel says:

    This would be so helpful daily for our household with 5 littles and a furry collie!

  108. shelly a pickren says:

    Dust bunnies no more!! My wood floors would thank you!

  109. Danielle fairbanks says:

    My hubby and I could definitely use this to clean our apt! Our vacuum just broke and we’re poor medical students, so definitely could use a new vacuum!!!!! 🙂

  110. Kim says:

    These would be great to keep by the front door to combat the messes of New England winters. And messes from repotting plants. And messes from craft projects. Cordless means putting energy into living instead of just cleaning

  111. Liz says:

    I would live the wet/dry vacc. Gotta clean after my 5 kiddos.

  112. Kristina says:

    My first baby is due in May and I need all the toys to help keep my house clean!!

  113. Brianna says:

    In a house with 10 kids, a husband who refuses to remove his snowy boots and a dog who won’t wipe his paws, this would be a awesome gift! It is near to impossible to keep up with the hardwood floors!

  114. Rebecca L says:

    This would be a dream to clean up after kids, cooking messes, and having friends over!

  115. Katie says:

    With 4 kids and a dog the floor always needs to be cleaned. Also I think this would be so much easier to use on the stairs instead of hauling my full size vacuum up to vacuum each step.

  116. Kari Ardis says:

    I have a craft loving 5 year old and a 19 month old messy eater. I feel like I’m cleaning up all day! Cordless would be a game changer!

  117. Rebecca says:

    This is amazing! We’re in the process of renovating our house and currently changing out all the carpet and old laminate for new laminate and eventually tile in the bathrooms. We would definitely use a new vacuum to clean up all the renovation mess, so our 2 year doesn’t get into all of it.

  118. Katie Vawter says:

    So neat! I only have a roomba so I would love this. I’d use it to clean up my dusty fixer upper!!

  119. Stephanie Rannings says:

    These are the perfect size for Bennett to help me! He’s obsessed with vacuuming ????. Little sister is in the mode of dropping food off her high chair so this would be used multiple times a day!!!

  120. Brittany Nash says:

    I would use these to clean up after all my lovely adorable but messy and destructive pets!

  121. Jessica says:

    I would use it for my hardwood floors and take it in our motorhome! It would be so useful not having to the the generator just to clean floors on a camping trip! ????

  122. Shannon Macklam says:

    I’d love to win this! I have 3 boys and a dog. My floors are constantly dirty!

  123. Shayna says:

    I have all tile floors and either of these will be a Godsend for cleaning them!! Thanks!

  124. Libby says:

    That floormate is ????
    It would be a BLESSING to win this giveaway.
    With a newborn, 1 year old and 2 year old I’m busy and my floor is always in need of a clean.

  125. Bethany says:

    I would love to gift this to my mom! She would love it!!!

  126. Maggie M says:

    I’m moving into a new home soon with hardwood floors! Cleaning up after my cat and my new project space in the garage (a dream come true!) is going to take more than my little mop and broom can take ????

  127. Bethany Tarbat says:

    Mopping is one of my least favorite chores, but with a toddler and a baby I have to keep it clean because they’re constantly playing on the floor, and even though I try to avoid it…eating off of it. This would save so much time!

  128. Audra L says:

    So excited about these products!! Were renovating a 1975 house with a toddler, dog and 3 cats!

  129. Meaganlynn4 says:

    Would use these to help clean up after our pets! With our brand new floors we are trying to be extra diligent ❤️ This technology is a dream ????

  130. Sara says:

    Would use to clean up all the KID spills and doggie messes

  131. Jean S says:

    Nothing better than a clean house! And Mama needs a new vacuum! ????

  132. Dayana says:

    Hello Hoover and good riddance to my mop/broom/dustpan/vacuum/mini vacuum ! This would be the only thing I need to clean all my floors ! #Spacesaver #Timesaver

  133. Ashley says:

    I need this! After another military move into a house with no carpet ????. It takes so long to vacuum and mop. Doing it all at once sounds like heaven!

  134. “Corgis only shed a little” – aka the lie I heard before adopting Dave. This vaccum would be my new best friend… (besides Dave the Corgi, of course.

  135. Kayla Bahtiraj says:

    I have five wonderful, mess making kids. One of which is crawling and finding ALL the things on the floor. This would be SO helpful in the endless battle to keep the floor clean!

  136. Gretchen says:

    Could definitely use this for all the cat hair I’m always fighting to clean up!

  137. Kim O’Brien says:

    I would use it to clean up after my three kids and our rescue puppy!

  138. Alyssa Dorsey says:

    Would love to use this when I move into the new house to clean up from all the moving and dirt!

  139. Natalie says:

    In DESPERATE need of a solution to keep our floors clean. Dog, cat, toddler…..husband ????. And my parents will be staying with us over Christmas and I can’t hear any more from my mom about how my vacuum isn’t working ????

  140. Loren says:

    Adult dreams are made of new vacuums. I would be a worthy recipient and my floors that are constantly covered with granola bar droppings and dust bunnies from my shag rug will forever be grateful.

  141. Anna Rada says:

    All the cleaning with two kiddos, two pups, a cat & hubby, a new toy would for sure make it more enjoyable ????

  142. Amy says:

    I would love to win to clean up after my 5 month old golden retriever puppy, Chloe!

  143. Stacy says:

    I was just wondering when you were giving this away because I desperately need it! We just adopted a second dog… we must be crazy. Double the hair, double the muddy paw prints, double the toy stuffing to clean up. These would be used daily!

  144. Christina says:

    Would love to start a clean fresh beginning to 2020 in my new place I bought with my own money for the first time, with a new vacuum! ????????????????

  145. Aubrey says:

    I would love to have both of these! The dry vac for all the cat hair I’m constantly battling, and the wet vac for cleaning up after my two toddlers plus baby #3 coming next year!

  146. Aimee says:

    How would I use it? ????
    I wouldn’t…..MY KIDS WOULD!!! Haha….nothing like a good user friendly project to encourage the children’s chores! ????

  147. I have been wanting to upgrade my vacuum for a long time. The stick vacuum would be great for my main floor which is mostly hardwood and my carpeted stairs. Plus my 4 kids, hubby, and dog that sheds like no tomorrow, either one would be helpful!

    • Naomi Claypool says:

      Did you know huskies ‘blow’ their coat twice a year? It’s like snowing…inside your home with fur. The vacuum is out daily, and some days in following it with the Swiffer jet for muddy paw prints. I am totes loving on the Blade+….but dang I’d that Floormate jet isn’t attractive too. AND it self cleans? Girrrllll. I’d definitely find room in my cleaning closet for either (or both!) of these.

  148. Sarah says:

    The carpet cleaner / vacuum in one has been on my holiday wish list for my husband who is super particular about no shoes in the house! He took it to a whole new level when we opened our home for a small group and he’s rolled up our rugs until we get one since not all guests always take their shoes off… Jen- help I want my rugs back ????

  149. Kristin says:

    I have two messy toddler boys to clean up after so winning this would be a dream come true!

  150. Rebecca Montero says:

    Building a new house so need some new tools!! with 2 little kids and a dog this would be perfect!

  151. Danielle says:

    Would love to use this for cleaning up after my messy eating kids and for their arts and crafts clean up instead of scrubbing on my hands and knees!

  152. Stacie Humphrey says:

    This would be perfect to get my house clean and ready for my holiday guests!

  153. Sarah S. says:

    4 boys and an endless amount of messes to clean up!

  154. Lindsay says:

    I’d use these vacuums to clean up after my messy cooking and my family’s resulting messy eating. Hehe.

  155. Samantha says:

    If I won I would definitely be using this to help clean after my pup, the shedding never ends!

  156. Renee Eppig says:

    Oh my gosh I would put that baby to use on our new vinyl floors in our basement!

  157. Lesley Jacobson says:

    All the snow and mud my 2 kids and husband track in! And my 3rd is now crawling! Oh and we’ve gutted 65% of the house so constant construction. Pretty sure we need the wet vacuum in the most desperate kind of way.

    • Kelsey Arnett says:

      Definitely keeping up with mud, crumbs and crafting my kids create on a daily, as well as minimizing the amount of dry wall and wood shaving my husband and I seem to create nightly????????‍♀️

  158. Freddy Carr says:

    I would love to gift this to my Mom for her new house. She recently bought a new home after my Dad passed away sand it would be a lovely house warming gift.

  159. Cathy Reese says:

    I will use it for the first time on the 1,200 sq. Ft. of vinyl floor times I am in the process of installing in my basement. Thought it would make a GREAT gift for my husband for Christmas. He’s only been wanting me to hire someone to do it for the last 18 months. Now he can get me something nice for my birthday with all the money I saved him….

  160. Ellen says:

    I would definitely use it to keep the floors clean during the winter – keeping up with the dog is tough!

  161. Jessica says:

    With 4 pets these would make cleaning a dream!

  162. Ciara Luke says:

    I would definitely clean my basement after my cute kids and puppy make all the messes! Plus living in snowy weather means more cleaning

  163. Stephanie says:

    2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat…. what wouldn’t I clean up after!! Would love this!

  164. Rachel says:

    I’ve been looking for a better system to keep up with my two (soon to be three) little humans and their trails of crumbs and dirt all over my house. This would be an awesome alternative to breaking out the giant corded vac several times a day!

  165. LaNek says:

    I would use it to clean up the endless cereal and cheezit spills, courtesy of #JamesRalphFazio❤️ & #OwenWalkerFazio????

  166. Raqurl says:

    I would used in every part of the house.

  167. Megan O. says:

    I would love to win this to clean all the tile in my house. So. Much. Tile.

  168. Crystal Mann says:

    I would use it on my new (hopefully soon) kitchen and laundry room floors!

  169. Fiona says:

    These look fabulous!!

  170. Autumn says:

    We also just went from carpet to laminate flooring (we were supposed to refurbish our hard woods but someone did a very horrible pitch job and a 3 week timeline to get the custom size with a toddler just wouldn’t work) and keeping up with our English bulldogs white hair is a full time job!!

  171. Janae says:

    We are finishing up a main floor remodel with new LVP flooring and with 7 kids this would come in VERY handy! 🙂

  172. Leah Mason says:

    Can’t wait to use this to clean up after my three messy kiddos!

  173. Madison says:

    Omg! I need one!!!! My new house has so much floor to vacuum, it’s the worst. And we have a super old vacuum too.

  174. Erin says:

    I would use this to clean up after our messy dog!

  175. Ashley Grzetic says:

    I would be using this everyday (numerous times a day) cleaning up after my messy dogs it would cut down the time of cleaning by half so I can spend more time with the family as well.

  176. Christina Z says:

    Woo! I work from home full time with two little ones, a kitty and two dogs. The mess drives me crazy! If this is as easy as it sounds to tame the mess, it might help keep me sane (probably not, but maybe) ????

  177. Amy says:

    I would clean up cat hair and dirt around the house leftover from people wearing shoes inside ????????

  178. Taylor Key says:

    I love cleaning! And after getting our new hardwood floors this would be awesome!

  179. Meghan Petrof says:

    I have 3 crazy boys and am totally in need of good efficient cleaning tools ! i literally q would be chasing them around the house with it !!!

  180. Lanessa says:

    With 3 boys and a big dog these cleaning systems would make it so easy to clean our floors better!

  181. I would love this to clean my condo! My robot vacuum works 1/2 the time and I still feel like the place is dusty. Would be so grateful for this!

  182. Meredith Jones says:

    Cleaning up after a dog, a cat and my projects ????

  183. Stephanie says:

    The daily mess of people walking through the house with shoes on ????
    These would make quick work of it

  184. Danielle Hobson says:

    I would like this to clean up the Christmas tree mess my cats keep making. ❤️????????

  185. Jessica says:

    This would be great for cleaning puppy paws off our vinyl plank flooring that we are installing this month!

  186. Libby says:

    To clean up the kitty’s mess!

  187. Sharla says:

    I always have something to clean living out in the country with three small boys!

  188. Stephany says:

    Definitely would love this, I have two kids and two pets who I’m constantly cleaning after. Also redoing my stairs on my own and this would come in handy.

  189. Elaine Meyers says:

    Wisconsin winters and wood floors! Yes please! These would be perfect for my new home with all wood floors!

  190. Naomi says:

    Did you know huskies ‘blow’ their coat twice a year? It’s like snowing…inside your home with fur. The vacuum is out daily, and some days in following it with the Swiffer jet for muddy paw prints. I am totes loving on the Blade+….but dang I’d that Floormate jet isn’t attractive too. AND it self cleans? Girrrllll. I’d definitely find room in my cleaning closet for either (or both!) of these.

  191. Bailey says:

    I’d love this to keep up with my pets that love to make messes when they are playing around ❤️

  192. J says:

    Time savings! Mopping and vacuuming in one go – we have carpet and laminate so this duel action would be great!

  193. Bekah Evans says:

    Please please pretty please ????! These tools look Amazing to use!!

  194. Jackie says:

    This would be so useful for cleaning before and after hosting parties, which I do often!

  195. Cindy Sheldon says:

    It would make cleaning up after 3 kids, an adult husband child and a dog so much easier. ❤️❤️

  196. Kari Henes says:

    I would love this set to clean up after my dog and son!

  197. Amber McGinnis says:

    I would do all the cleaning that my current vacuum (which is duct taped in three places) doesn’t do! ????????

  198. Jacki says:

    Winters in PA mean lots of sooty slush! Between my two kids and two dogs that’s a lot of dirty feet. I bet with these amazing Hoover vacuums, my floors would be looking better than ever!

  199. Nicki says:

    Our wood floors seem to always be covered in little boy footprints, so the mop would be amazing!

  200. LaRae Garcia says:

    Definitely to get all of our dog’s hair off of our hardwood floors in our brand new home! I have been wanting one of these since we out an offer on the house!

  201. Keri says:

    I would use his to clean up after my new puppy comes.????

  202. Chelsea says:

    I would use these to keep my hard Woods immaculate and free of all the per hair. So much pet hair all the time ????

  203. Chelsea says:

    I would use these to keep my hard Woods immaculate and free of all the per hair. So much pet hair all the time ????

  204. Suzanne says:

    In the farmhouse we are fixing up ourselves & getting ready to move into with all new flooring!

  205. Miriam says:

    Oh the kitchen!!! I feel like it needs to be cleaned all the time! SO EXcited!!

  206. Jen Barnes says:

    I have so many different types of floors in my house! My little old swiffer just isn’t cutting it! I need something efficient and that truly works!! I’m glad to hear this product got your stamp of approval!! ❤️❤️

  207. Kelly Boyd says:

    Yes, PLEASE ????????????

  208. Jenny says:

    Right now couldn’t be a better time for a new vacuum, ours just broke yesterday! The new Hoover would be amazing to clean up after 3 boys and a bunny????. We love Hoover!

  209. Samantha Rivera says:

    The FloorMate jet would be so perfect for my home! With 2 crazy kids, and 2 crazy dogs who are clumsy, messy and sometimes just out of control ???? this would cut my cleaning time in half!

  210. Christopher says:

    Frenchie + shedding = reliable vacuum
    Plant enthusiast + dirt = reliable vac
    Busy life + hot mess = reliable vacuum
    Parties + friends = reliable vacuum

  211. Sadie Rose says:

    I’d love to update my two corded Hoover’s (one a vacuum the other a mop) to cordless. And to have two batteries means 1/2 the time to clean! Am I right?

  212. Brigitte Flynn says:

    I have 1 puppy, 1 adult dog, 1 cat, & 2 humans living in our tiny home space. That said, i need any and all of the help I can get with keeping our floors clean. ????????????????????????????????????

  213. Alesia Baruffo says:

    Would be a great help in cleaning up after my pets and hubby!

  214. Virginia says:

    I would use this after breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!

  215. Dawn says:

    I’d give it to my mom! She’s on oxygen and it would help her clean more quickly and efficiently!

  216. Valerie says:

    Omg we are closing on a house in a month would love to have a brand new vacuum in the new house!

  217. Lisa says:

    I’d use it to clean up husky dog hair!!!

  218. Cody says:

    This would be so so amazing as we prepare for baby boy to arrive. I’m in serious nesting mode and can never get the floors quite clean enough!

  219. Tia says:

    To express just how much I would LOVE this vacuum, I took over two hours of my night writing this 12 Days of Christmas parody for Hoover! I nerded out on the Hoover specs and here we are. PICK ME PLEEEAAASSEEE!!!
    “On the first day of Christmas Hoover sent to me, a hardwood Vacuum for free.

    On the Second day on Christmas Hoover sent to me, two speed power control, and a hardwood vacuum for free

    On the third day of Christmas Hoover sent to me, three surface cleaner, two speed power control, and a hardwood vacuum for free

    On the fourth day of Christmas Hoover sent to me, 4.0 AH Battery, three surface cleaner, two speed power control, and a hardwood vacuum for free.

    On the fifth day of Christmas, Hoover sent to me, a five star hardwood nozzle, 4.0 AH Battery, three surface cleaner, two speed power control, and a hardwood vacuum for free.

    On the sixth day of Christmas, Hoover sent to me, .6 liters capacity dirt cup, a five star hardwood nozzle, 4.0 AH Battery, three surface cleaner, two speed power control, and a hardwood vacuum for free.

    On the seventh day of Christmas, Hoover sent to me, seven microfibers rolling, .6 liters capacity dirt cup, a five star hardwood nozzle, 4.0 AH Battery, three surface cleaner, two speed power control, and a hardwood vacuum for free.

    On the eighth day of Christmas, Hoover sent to me, 8 mothers leaping, seven microfibers rolling, .6 liters capacity dirt cup, a five star hardwood nozzle, 4.0 AH Battery, three surface cleaner, two speed power control, and a hardwood vacuum for free.

    On the ninth day of Christmas, Hoover sent to me, nine fathers cleaning, eight mothers leaping, seven microfibers rolling, .6 liters capacity dirt cup, a five star hardwood nozzle, 4.0 AH Battery, three surface cleaner, two speed power control, and a hardwood vacuum for free.

    On the tenth day of Christmas, Hoover sent to me, ten dust bunnies screaming, nine fathers cleaning, eight mothers leaping, seven microfibers rolling, .6 liters capacity dirt cup, a five star hardwood nozzle, 4.0 AH Battery, three surface cleaner, two speed power control, and a hardwood vacuum for free.

    On the eleventh day of Christmas, Hoover sent to me, eleven sparkles sparking, ten dust bunnies screaming, nine fathers cleaning, eight mothers leaping, seven microfibers rolling, .6 liters capacity dirt cup, a five star hardwood nozzle, 4.0 AH Battery, three surface cleaner, two speed power control, and a hardwood vacuum for free.

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, Hoover sent to me, twelve please a pleaing, eleven sparkles sparking, ten dust bunnies screaming, nine fathers cleaning, eight mothers leaping, seven microfibers rolling, .6 liters capacity dirt cup, a five star hardwood nozzle, 4.0 AH Battery, three surface cleaner, two speed power control, and a hardwood vacuum for free.

  220. Samantha says:

    I would use these to clean all my floors because our house is 95% hardwoods! Literally only have carpet in one room so I’d love the vacuum and mop in one to make cleaning easier and faster!

  221. Ciarah Fiscus says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for a great all in one hard floor vacuum cleaner to keep the floors clean. There are so many options out there and this seems like a great one. With a doggo three kids and four adults, easy cleaning is key!

  222. Claire says:

    The Blade looks super light and functional and I would use it for the hard to reach places! Great giveaway and beautiful website.

  223. Our house is all hardwood floors or tile so I spend a lot of time cleaning up after our three dogs and our little girl! My daughter scoots around on her butt, so she leaves a trail through the house of anything she scoots in, wet or dry! ???? This would be such a timesaver for me and would allow me to spend all the time spent sweeping and mopping the house playing with her instead!

  224. Emily says:

    I would use this all day er’ day cleaning up after my toddlers. Literally I follow them around with a broom and kill my back but this thing WOULD CHANGE MY LIFE.

  225. Julie says:

    The vacuum and mop is such a sweet product!

  226. Daniela Lucescu says:

    I run a 5 person adult care home and we have constant floor messes to clean up! I wipe the floors up on average 5 times a day! No joke!!! So think this Hoover can come in handy for me.????

  227. Leese says:

    We moved to a house recently surrounded by the woods. I love where we are, but talk about mess! I can’t believe the amount of stuff we track inside…these would be awesome to have for that! Also love how lightweight and kid friendly they seem, definitely would be something my kids could help with too!

  228. Michelle says:

    A 85 lb lab who likes to dig + hardwood floors and rugs ???? I need these!

  229. Julie says:

    I would definitely use this to clean up after messy pets!

  230. Kelly @klucia2 says:

    Would use it to clean my new apartment and after the new puppy I am getting

  231. Pam Fisher says:

    This is such a great giveaway!! I’d love to have one of these great vacuums. Our whole house is hardwood and I’d love the ease of cleaning these Hoover’s will provide!

  232. Rebecca Hawkins says:

    I have two dogs and a husband in an all hardwood/tile house. Mopping and vacuuming at once would be a game changer!

  233. Samantha says:

    2 dogs, 1 new kitten that loves playing in our plants ???? definitely could use some help keeping it all clean!

  234. LaDonna says:

    Live on a small farm this would come in handy

  235. Alicia Hostetler says:

    This would be fabulous so my children could help with mopping without making a mess.

  236. Martha says:

    These look and sound amazing! I’d love to use them on our floors. After kids, pets, friends and hubby track stuff in they get dirty so quickly. Thanks!

  237. I would use this for our foster puppies who make so many messes. We also are remodeling so the dust, dirt, and hair require me to clean with so many tools. This would be so life changing!

  238. Emily says:

    Would love this Hoover vac/mop for my newly remodeled home!

  239. Kelly says:

    I have 2 dogs and a baby and our yard is a disaster… which results in the dogs tracking in mountains of mud every.single.time. I normally wash the floor daily on my hands and knees. This would be a LIFESAVER!

  240. Whitney Lindseth says:

    A vacuum and mop in one for the kitchen floor would be a dream come true. It feels like that job is never ending!!!

  241. Kathy Rose says:

    This would be life changing! We have 5 kids and 2 dogs and live on a mini farm. Thankfully we have all hardwood floors but they get dirty quick!

  242. Renee says:

    That floormate looks like a game changer! I need that in my life with farm life, kids and a dog!

  243. KS says:

    With our two resident dogs and numerous foster dogs, dog hair is a constant problem, not to mention constant mud, dirt, and turf pebble mess created by our two boys—and our trusty Roomba just bit the dust. So the timing of this contest couldn’t be better!

  244. Scott W says:

    Always a need to clean with little people in our home. Thank you for the giveaway!

  245. Cody says:

    Would love this to clean up after my 70 pound dog! ????

  246. Carrie Olsen says:

    I would use this to keep up with my hardwood floors. 2 dogs = no stop floor care!

  247. Angie Adams says:

    I’d totally get my stairs clean, finally!

  248. Lori says:

    My house never stays clean with 3 young boys that are constantly spilling and dropping crumbs! Either would be amazing and we’ll used in this house!

  249. Rebecca says:

    Cabin messes! So much in/out at our northern WI cabin!

    Also your floors ????????. I need to find the post again about what they are.

    • Macaela says:

      We recently rescued two dogs from an abusive home… That are 17 years old! Their whole lives they lived in a garage, and we’re never allowed in the house… So you can imagine the mess! This will make my life 100 times easier while we take care of them in their last year’s! Plus we already have to drive myself… But they are housetrained —. Love your Instagram and all that you do it’s really inspiring!

  250. Sylvan says:

    I have two dogs and a 2 year old so this would be a lifesaver in our house between the dirt and crumbs!!

  251. Kara says:

    We just installed vinyl plank and as much as I love it they are always smudged up by dirt and who knows what else by my kids! I want that vac/mop combo so bad I can taste it! ????

  252. Diana says:

    I just want one for my mom, she’s cleans houses and these would make her life so much easier

  253. Jamie-Lynn Budge says:

    I’ve been looking for a cordless vacuum for so long! I’ve come across this and I would love it for the convenience of picking up so much dog hair and having a new baby crawling around the house! Lord knows we don’t need dog hair in our diet! Hahaha

  254. Rabia chaudry says:

    I need this for my 1st floor badly .. love hoover!

  255. Ashley Ratelle says:

    Cleaning up after my labradoodle!!

  256. @clydethebully_ and his mama Melissa molomo says:

    I would use this to clean up all the dog hair and dirt that travels in my house! Thank you for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  257. Brittany Crossley says:

    We need this miracle worker of a vacuum!!! I have the two biggest hairiest dogs in the world (Alaskan Malamute & German Shepherd), one 8 year old who lives to make slime concoctions, and a 1 year old who loves to throw her sippy cup and crush up goldfish everywhere she goes. All 2800 sq ft of our home is hardwood except for the three bedrooms. This is much needed ????

  258. Macaela jensen says:

    We just rescued 2 more dogs who are 17 years old from an abusive household. They lived in a garage their whole life.. Plus I already have two dogs. Needless to say the new ones are not potty trained at all, so this would make my life 1000x better instead of constantly getting out the mop and bucket!

  259. Hailey Lewis says:

    I can’t imagine how life changing it would be to have a CORDLESS Hoover vacuum. ????????

  260. Michelle jacobs says:

    I need this in my life! My husband keeps stealing my vacuum to clean his office and now I’m stuck with a messy house all the time.

  261. Jaxson says:

    Clean freaks dream… I must be dreaming !!

  262. Shalon says:

    I would use the Hoover to keep my empty nest home (just moved in) clean! It would be cleaner than our older house because 1) I have the perfect tools to clean it 2) the mess makers don’t live with us anymore!!

  263. Erika fuentes says:

    I would use the vacuum to clean up all
    the cat hair my two beautiful little monsters leave behind!

  264. Andria says:

    To clean up after my 140lb puppy ????????

  265. Linsey Goodson says:

    Would use this daily! A pup and two kiddos ????

  266. Shaleah says:

    I would use this vacuum everyday!!! Having a 3 year old and 1 year old make it very easy to keep that promise!

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