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Laundry Room Renovation Plans!



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I am so excited to tackle what I would consider the most dysfunctional room in my house… and one of the busiest.  Our laundry room!

The laundry room is the first room you see when you enter our house from the garage… our main entrance. It’s the room that takes a beating more than any other. Dirty clothes, dirty shoes, cleaning supplies, boxes, mail, returns that need returned… you name it!  My goal is to transform this space into more of a butler’s pantry/laundry room/dropzone… almost an extension of the kitchen as it is very close.  I dream of it holding seasonal kitchen storage and also our coffee station… still working through the details to make that happen!

Here’s where this space has looked for the majority of the past few years (did anyone else go through a teal phase?) It’s looking a little rougher than usual in this very moment because I attempted to start painting and then stopped when I realized that I was going to demo the whole room in short order.

And here’s this same space almost 5 years ago when we moved in.

There was originally a full closet with double doors on the left that I quickly removed to make room for a bench and some hooks. This was definitely an upgrade but also sticks out in the room almost 30″ which eats up the room quite a bit. The bench is so big that it has a tendency to be a catch-all as opposed to a bench.

The Plan

I went back and forth quite a bit on a full gut job vs a “work with what I got” style renovation. Ultimately, I wanted the footprint to change slightly and the weird half wall to be gone… so full demo won out! This will leave me with a vanilla box to work with makes things like installing flooring much easier!

I’m hoping that in a few short weeks I’ll have the vision below come to life!

lighting / tile / backsplash / laundry bin

I’ve been planning this for quite some time so I feel like I have a pretty good plan going into this and MOST of the things I need on order or already here.

The breakdown of how I see this renovation going is:

  • Demo
  • Plumber & Electrician to move some things around to fit new layout
  • Fix Drywall
  • Ceiling Treatment
  • Paint Walls
  • Install Tile Flooring
  • Start to Build Cabinetry!

Yes, I said “build cabinetry”. I am equally excited and terrified to literally build my own cabinetry. I have never actually built cabinetry, but there are a lot of future projects that I would love to tackle that involve building cabinetry so I thought I should probably learn! I’m not going to be able to learn how without actually doing it… right? My motto for life…


I am excited to install this new RevoTile from Daltile. It is a porcelain tile that clicks together with no spacers or mortar required. How cool is that? It is a fairly new product and I’ve never used it before, but I promise to share all the details. I am especially excited about not using mortar and same day grouting! They have quite a few color options including wood look and marble. I chose their concrete option and am so in love with it already.

For the backsplash, I found this glazed tile from Daltile that is similar to my kitchen tile but has some unique differences. I wanted this room to feel like an extension of my kitchen so I’m excited about bringing in some similar features from the kitchen into this multi-purpose space. I’ll be installing this in a fun way but I really feel like the spaces will feel like they belong together.


As I already stated, I want this space to feel connected to my kitchen. I ultimately decided that I will be keeping this light with Pale Oak cabinetry (the same color as my trim throughout my house.) Gold accents and a butcher block countertop… can you see it? My vision was confirmed when I saw this recent pantry reveal from Studio McGee. Ugh… so gorgeous.

I have SO many small projects and tutorials planned for this space… I hope you stick around for all the excitement!

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  1. Bekah says:

    Can’t wait to see the process!

  2. Susan says:

    Can you share where that rug is from?

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