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The “Voyageurs” Cabin Bedroom Reveal: All The Sources



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We have another finished bedroom! It’s been so fun to work on the cabin over the last month. I’ve had to stretch my design brain in a few different directions! My plans have changed a few times in the process – but I couldn’t be happier with how things are coming together.

As always, I started with a design board that I whipped up in Canva to make sure everything would look cohesive together. This really helps to avoid buyer’s remorse!

Here’s a look at the “before” photo. So much orange wood!

I made a decision a few weeks ago not to paint any of the wood in this house. I was 99% sure that I would be painting at least some of it when we closed on the property. I even bought primer and started taping off some areas. It was happening. After I painted the great room, I realized that the right paint color and some layers could really tone things down. I decided that I would give things a year and see if I still had to urge to paint it all. The rational side of me prevailed: I can always add paint later – but I can’t “unpaint it” later.

My plan with most of these rooms has been to find furnishings I like first and THEN decide on a paint color. One of the first things I found for this room was a set of these plaid curtains. I am trying to add pops of plaid all throughout this house. These were just right for the shades of blue and green that seem to be coming into all of my designs.

I decided to use a paint color called “Spellbound” by Benjamin Moore – it’s a dark teal that plays off of the curtains without being too matchy. I’ve decided that darker colors are working well to tone down all the wood.

Voila! Paint and a few accessories later! This bed frame was a steal and was really easy to put together! It didn’t require a box spring so I ordered an extra thick 12″ mattress so it didn’t look puny.

I found some old world maps that I wasn’t using and added these sconces on each side of the bed.

I made things really easy on myself with this room. Painting the walls was really the only major change I made – no demo, no added wall treatment – just added some layers!

pouf / plaid comforter / chunky pillows / sconces

All the bedding came from Walmart – can you believe it! I really love this quilted comforter. The frayed edge adds a nice detail. I love doubling up and layering throws/blankets on the bed. This plaid comforter came with matching shams and added an extra pop of plaid. The final layer is this knitted blanket for some extra texture.

Normally, I would add a dresser to a room. Since this is a rental, I’m trying to add as many hooks and benches to areas as possible. They were 2 top suggestions for rental must-haves!

art / pouf / bench / tree / accordion hook

One of my favorite finds was this trunk! It looks antique but it came with 2-day shipping. I didn’t have enough room for 2 nightstands. This trunk will double as storage and a place to set things for guests.

trunk / dimmable sconces

I added an old mirror to this side of the room for convenience and kept the rest of the walkway open. I also upgraded all the old brushed nickel doorknobs to these antique bronze knobs. I love the added contrast a black doorknob can give.

Here’s a quick before of this same angle for comparison!

This room has the electrical panel right on this wall – not a great place for it! I primed it with BIN primer and painted right over it. I stuck a tree in front of it and now you can barely notice it!

An added bonus of these sconces is that they are dimmable! They were such a good find at less than $100 for the set. I love to add a wall sconce above nightstands any chance I get to save room on the nightstands.

Just a few more shots for you because I love every angle of this new room!

I hope you love how this room turned out as much as I do!

Paint: “Spellbound” by Benjamin Moore in Matte

Dimmable Wall Sconces
Olive Tree
Blue Plaid Curtains
Frayed Edge Quilt
Chunky Blanket
Plaid Comforter
Tan Sheets
Chunky Knot Pillows
Accent Pillow
Blue Pouf
Leather Pouf
Door County Bag & Map Prints: found locally at August Haven

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  1. Janet C says:

    You knocked it out of the park! Love everything you chose!

  2. Jimmye Porter says:

    I have so much fun just sitting back and watching you work my our creative magic.
    This bedroom looks marvelous. The colors and accessories all blend so no well.

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