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A Swivel Chair Roundup For Every Budget

It’s hard to beat a good swivel chair. I have them in 2 of our main sitting rooms and they get a lot of use. My DM’s are always full of questions about them anytime I share a photo of them. From sourcing to comfort levels, swivel chairs are definitely a hot topic in the home design world right now!

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I’ve shared my Articles Turoy swivel chairs many times and can’t say enough good things about them. The boucle fabric gives them just enough texture to provide interest and the size is perfect for a cozy (but not too cozy) conversation chair. I just looked and the Boucle fabric is 12-14 weeks out but they also have 2 grey colors that are only weeks away from shipping!

I also have some barrel-swivel chairs in our main living room. I bought them locally and can’t find an online link but I get asked about them daily! I will say that as much as I love them, I might end up finding something a little different for this room. Right now, everything is at the same height visually. I would love to find some chairs that add a little dimension to this room… maybe a really pretty set of wingback chairs!

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All this to say… swivel chairs are in! I love them for both form and function. I found 16 really great swivel chairs at different price points and shared details below. I tried to keep them to 4 months or less for shipping – but most are less than 4 weeks!

  1. Turoy Swivel Chair, $549
  2. Bennette Swivel Barrel Chair, $510
  3. Simeon Swivel Glider, $719.20
  4. Larkin Upholstered Swivel Armchair, $699
  5. Donovan 30″ Wide Swivel Chair, $512.55
  6. Zhang 31″ Wide Swivel Chair, $550
  7. Notch Swivel Chair, $1,699
  8. Infiniti Swivel Chair, $999
  9. Cocoon Barrel Back Swivel Chair, $413.99
  10. Margie Swivel Chair, $1,298
  11. Pelton Leather Swivel Chair, $1,399
  12. Viv Swivel Chair, $849
  13. Snoozer Charcoal Nursery Glider Chair, $699.99
  14. Elle Swivel Armchair, $1,099
  15. Gwyneth Ivory Boucle Chair, $999
  16. Cozy Swivel Chair, $899

Happy swiveling!

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  1. Pam says:

    Thanks! I just ordered from World Market and got two beautiful and comfortable swivel chairs under $500 each and delivered within a week.

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