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Alice’s Bedroom: A First Look & All The Design Plans

Alice chose her room first when we toured the house. It’s interesting because this room is actually the smallest of the 3 kids’ bedrooms – with the lowest ceilings and the least amount of closet space. She was adamant though – this had to be her room.

I found out later that she really liked the view of the window into our driveway – so she could know who was coming and going… kids are funny 🙂

Believe it or not, I haven’t really done anything to her room – so I don’t have many “before” photos that aren’t truly before. There was no phase one in here! Here is a listing photo I found that is how it was when we viewed the home.

Here’s a very bare-bones photo of the basic room. We’ve had this black jenny lind bed for years and can’t see myself parting with it. It’s such great quality and truly timeless.

We had a dresser that used to be in Atticus’s nursery that she’s been using as well.

Most of her old furniture got moved over here and since Alice is pretty low maintenance, her room has stayed pretty simple this past year with no changes. I found a few photos of her old room and realized we kept, the bed, bedding, and nightstands exactly the same.

It’s actually comical to me that this child of mine actually requested a pink room at one time… but here’s proof!

The Design Plan

Back to the plan for her new room! Her favorite colors are teal and black – so I felt like I had a lot to go off of from there. She is also 10 going on 16 so I wanted her to feel like she has a sophisticated room that she can call her own. The first thing I found as a jumping-off point was this wallpaper. It was honestly one of those decisions that took exactly 5 seconds – I wish all my design decisions were that easy!

bed / nightstand / faux tree / ottoman / wallpaper / sconce / duvet

There’s still a lot of uncertainty with the actual furnishings – but this mood board is serving as just that – a mood board. I have the bed and the nightstand (might pull that from Abi’s room because it just goes so well in here!)

I let Alice help me find a light and we both agreed on this really cool flare fixture but also really liked this one with the cool navy accents.

My plan is to wallpaper the entire room and add a very functional built-in storage area with a desk for her to create and do her homework. I also know that I will be doing some type of treatment to the ceiling – shiplap most likely.

It’s all happening starting next week!

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  1. Maria Sullivan says:

    I cannot wait to watch as you turn this room into your vision. Absolutely love love the bed and wallpaper.

  2. Cherie says:

    It will be fun to watch this room transform. We all know it will be good because well… all of the projects you do are GREAT!

    PS I loved the pink room too!

  3. Heidi Zaksewicz says:

    How is it your child has no “stuff”/ clutter in her room? Please share your secrets of getting her to keep her room so neat!

  4. Rebekah says:

    It will be such a fun room for her! Timeless design until she changes her mind or favorite colors!

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